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 Legit Kingz User Abuse Reporting

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PostSubject: Legit Kingz User Abuse Reporting   Legit Kingz User Abuse Reporting I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 22, 2009 1:21 am

To keep things uniform and organized, if you are to encounter an abuser in-game, we would like to request that you post a screen shot on the appropriate thread along with the abuser’s in-game name, your in-game name, and a description of what they are doing. We would prefer this reporting to be on a per encounter basis rather than being vigilante about it. As honorable as a vigilante may be such behavior can deemed as harassment.

Please keep the threads clean and on topic. Should these thread be abused, it will be immediately locked.


For forum and reporting ease, abuse reports has been condensed to one thread.

This thread is for reporting glitchers and hackers. Glitch abuse refers to abusing an exploit in-game such graphical map exploits. Hackers use software and programs to modify the Combat Arms client to give themselves an unfair advantage.

Using an unfair advantages in-game will result in a clan member to be removed from the clan.

If you have a glitcher/hacker to report, please follow the directions below.

If you find a player abusing an exploit in game, please go ahead and post the evidence you have gathered such as a screen shot or a video.

In your post please be sure to include:

1. Your in-game name

2. The violator’s in-game name

3. Evidence and description of what he is doing i.e. how that player is hacking or glitching. Simply calling a player a hacker is not descriptive enough. Please describe what they are doing.

If the report is not presented in the requested format, the post will be disregarded. Please when posting evidence, the abuser's in-game name needs to be obviously displayed and what he is doing as clear as possible. We cannot use poor evidence to make a decision on what action to take against a member of Legit Kingz.

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Legit Kingz User Abuse Reporting
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